Now, if you'd like to undertake the solution to a mystery that has bothered me for some years, here are the facts.

Elsie - i e Betty Strachan's mother - and Victor - Eileen's Father - were the two most literary members of that generation, but unlike their siblings, they have left no trace in the educational records of Aberdeenshire.  Their sisters are readily traced through the well preserved registers of all the Aberdeen Schools, and the Hatton school, as well as the other five schools in Cruden at that time, but there's no trace whatever of these two people.

Betty Strachan says that her mother was a bit of an invalid, and was kept off school -  but who gave her the excellent education she clearly had?

And Victor couldn't have been a weakling, for he became a decorated member of the Grenadier Guards during the Great War.

TH to GH. May 2005.